Otumfuo osei Tutu II in a Palanquin


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  • Albert on 2014-May-23 10:34:00 Albert said

    If Chiefs and Kings are allowed to play a major part in national development i believe it will help the Country alot. Otumfuo the Asantehene, has in His own way helped improved the lives of many Ghanians NOT only people from Asanteman but the whole Ghana, through His Educational fund.

    Another area i suggest we should encourage is, His adjudication system. If only the constitution of Ghana could be amended to appreciate the role and importance of the judiciary system of chiefs it will go along way to reduce the overwhelming cases pending before the Law courts. Otumfuo,has used Asante custom, practice and usage,to resolve comprehensively, more cases that would have been languishing in the Law courts.

    As Ghanians we should not allow the Western countries to confuse us that democracy means "We should throw away our own style of living and embrace their Western style of living" .

    The constitution must allow the custodians of our heritage, custom and culture to play an important role in the governance of this country. A people without a culture are a lost race.

    Long live Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Asantehene !!!!!
    Long live Ghana !!!!!
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  • Rainer Boegner on 2016-Jun-23 10:36:09 Rainer Boegner said

    I allow me to say, I agree with You, Sir. 100%. Your country Ghana has to live (the same with other countries/states) with their tradition, history and mentality. It is important to keep all these 3 to keep alive and to proceed with the country's "way of life". We can learn from each other, but nobody has the right to "take over". God bless and protect Your country and I am wishing You all the best.
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